Pete McCue Property Maintenance
Working with you - to improve your Home


I learned my trade and served my time as a carpentry apprentice with local firm Barwicks.

I moved on to the Port of Dover, starting as a carpenter and progressing to the position of Building Inspector.

I am never happier than when I can use my hands and skills to produce a top quality finish, and so, after nineteen years of service at the Port of Dover, I decided to escape the bureacracy of project supervision and contract management to return to what I love doing - working on the tools; creating things with my hands, and taking great pride in my work ......

I never actually put my tools away; throughout all my working life I've always been helping colleagues, friends & family with their home improvement projects.

Now that I've turned professional, you too can take advantage of my skills so give me a call, or just come up and say hello if you see my van parked in your area.

Pete's van